Mykk Freeman

This website is about, you guessed it, Mykk Freeman. Who is that, you ask yourself. What did he do? Did he scale a high mountain, did he pitch in the World Series or did he act in a famous movie? Why would anyone want to write about ‘just a guy’?

Some people go through life living on the edge and have these trail-blazing stories. They could and often do, write books about people like that. Mykk Freeman is no such man. Not famous, not a pitcher and never scaled a high mountain. His life is simple now. Slowly, as his body rots away, he sits in his favorite chair.. well, his only chair and writes music.

A lifelong dream, Mykk has been playing music for almost 40 years. From a young start until now, it has been a slow and grinding haul to accomplish anything in the music business. I will let him talk of those tales. My main point, my main objective here was to introduce to you a man who, at the end of the day, never gave up on his dreams Never lost hope about what could happen when you ‘stick to your guns’ ┬áThis is the reason why you should know Mykk Freeman. After all the trials and tribulations, he still writes and records in hopes of landing that one big song. Maybe, even you, can help him succeed.

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Welcome to my site.

Glad you are here to share stories and music with me.