Earth Monster Inspired

Earth Monster Inspired

Are you into politics? I basically could care less for politics. All those people saying one thing and doing another. Promises, promises my ass. I am an outspoken person and when I feel an injustice is being done I will stand up and say something.

I’ve followed every presidential race since Reagan and this past election was no exception. What a crock of shit this one was. We had a socialist, a liar and a madman among others and every one of them was a poor choice for the job at hand The job of the president s no joking matter and, at times, it seemed as if these people where more about mud slinging than anything else.

It turns my stomach to think that Donald J. Trump is our president. The horrors that are about to happen scare the hell out of me. What this man is capable of, time will only tell. The wars that may be raged, the possible collapse of our financial system and maybe the one thing we know for sure is that the employment rate for bricklayers is going to get better. A new wall is to be built. I think some one should tell Enrique Nieto of this again because I don’t think that Mexico has the same ideas that Trump does.monkey-and-donald-trump-jpeg

Every heard the saying, “Heard that in a song”? Well I knew of no song that reminded me of Donald Trump and I wanted to say a few things about him. So I decided to right one. I have that song at the bottom of the page for you to listen to and although at this time there is no lyrics recorded, I have jotted them down for you to read. I have no vocalist at this time and I am now in the process of finding one. The majority of the music I create is instrumental so having a vocalist was never that big of deal; until now.

I wrote the words pretty fast as I already knew what I had to say. I can just see how once there are only a handful of people left in the world, that we must leave our home; the Earth, to find a better place to live. A new way of life. One without the donald. I can only hope that when we go, he does not follow.

Lyrics to Earth Monster

On the way to a distant planet
got to find us another home

For the ones that lived and died there
now we find that we’re all alone

Moving fast through a cosmic ocean
and our Earth will be mem’ries soon

It was caused by the earthly monster
It’s a day that we all will rue

And as speed by stars that are bright
We escape from our plight in the night
all the way, all the way, all the way we will go
anybody give a damn.  ‘Bout earth monsters

What on Earth were we ever thinking
when we let him run the show

Did he think he’s an evil genius
when he won the presidential vote

And as We speed by stars that are bright
We escape from our plight in the night
go away, go away, all the way you should go
anybody give a shit.  ‘Bout Trump monsters